DINNER & SHOW at the Moulin Rouge Cabaret Paris

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Feerie Show at Moulin Rouge consists of:

    a troupe of 80 artists, including 60 Doriss Girls recruited world-wide;
    1000 costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, made in the most famous Parisian workshops;
    sumptuous sets in shimmerin colours, uniquely designed by Italian artists;
    outstanding international acts,
    and the awaited return of the giant aquarium;
    all this performed to original music recorded by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.

Main scenes:

1. The Moulin Rouge Today and yesterday

The theatre lights go down, the curtain is raised... and the entire troupe appears on the stage, under the admiring gaze of the audience
, who find themselves entering the Garden of the moulin Rouge to discover the magical atmosphere of the place ! A touch of nostalgia.

From this momement on, the spectators let themselves be enthralled by the beauty if the Doriss Girls and the Doriss Dancers!

2.The Pirates

What kind of adventures can happen to a pirate whose boat is anchored in Indonesia? Dreams? The love of a perfect woman ?...

Once on land, we meet priestesses and a Gorgon in her temple surrounded by snakes... we can even attend the Governors's Ball ! Sandokan has the opportunity to offer his treasures to the
lady of his dreams; or will he be witnesses to a sacrifice of love?

3.The Circus

The circus comes to town... with its band of clowns, Siamese twins, pierrots, acrobats, jugglers, wierd wild animals and six miniature horses!
Colorful scenses to beautiful music anding with the great parade of the Dorriss Girls and Doriss Dancers.

4.The Moulin Rouge from 1900 to...

The Moulin Rouge pays a tribute to Parisian women throughout the years; on 14th of July, for the Liberation of Paris...
with Java or Boogie music. Time passes and leaves space for new generations of women, more beautiful and free than ever!

As the highlight of this tribute, the Doriss Girls dance the world famous French Cancan!

5.International acts

Discover three grand, excusive international acts on the legendary stage of the Moulin Rouge! These exceptional artistic performances
with top artists are sometimes funny, sometimes moving and always surprising!

Marc Metral, the famous ventriloquist and his curious animals
Duo Stykan , hand to hand acrobatics of amazing lightness and power
Mario Berousek, the fastest juggler in the world





The Great Spectacular Show “Féerie” - 1/2 Bottle of Champagne - Dinner


Tiger Prawns in a Basil Pesto, Caponata with Chives and Pine Nuts
Angus Beef Carpaccio, Mixed Seasonal Crunchy Vegetables, Fresh Coriander Pistou
Salmon Marinated like a Gravalax, Mixed Pickles Vegetables Colored with White Balsamic, Mimosa Eggs


French Veal Quasi Pan fired and Glazed with juice, Vegetables Barigoule with Basil
Cod Fish Coco-Curry, Cuttlefish Fillet, Prawns, Flavored with Espellette Pepper


Custard of Chocolate 64% from Peru, Brioche Stick with Raspberry 
Seasonal Fruit Tart, Green Tea Marshmallow Scented with Cherry

Menu imagined and orchestrated by our Chef David Le QUELLEC


Valid from January,4 to March 21, 2023

imagined and orchestrated by Chef Arnaud Demerville


Marinated Fillet of Seabream, Avocado, Kiwi, Mango and Passion Fruit


Duck Foie Gras, Semi Cooked, in Royal, Apple, Gingerbread from Frederic Lalos


Oven Baked Pollack Fish, Pearl Barley Risotto with Squash, Parmesan Cheese Emulsion


Griddle Cooked Breast of Farm Chicken, Medley of Parsnip, Gravy with Foie Gras, Herbs Salad


Choux Pastry with Praline and Pistachio, Orange Blossom Water Ganache, Candied Citrus


Like a Cheesecake with Exotic Fruit Flavored, Szechuan Pepper


The Great Spectacular Show “Féerie” - 1/2 Bottle of Champagne Laurent Perrier - Dinner


Pressed Foie Gras, Melon Jelly with Elderflower Jus, Toasted Brioche
Lobster Medallions, Avocado Tartare, Light Bisque Slightly Acidulous with Lambruscum Vinegar
Sashimi of Marinated Salmon with Timur Pepper


Seabass Stuffed with Herbs and Preserved Lemon, Meuniere Jus, Artichokes and Fennel Caramelized 
Fillet of Beef Roasted with Thyme and Lemon, Provencal Sauce Vierge with Chanterelle Mushroom
Thin Tart of Sweet Pepper and Eggplant Caviar


White Chocolate Ganache Perfumed with Jasmin, Rose Flower Scented Macaron, Mixed Seasonal Fruits
Dark Chocolate Shell, Passion Fruit Jelly, Crunchy Hazelnut, Feuilletine, Coffee Emulsion

Menu imagined and orchestrated by our Chef David Le QUELLEC


Valid from January,4 to March 21, 2023

imagined and orchestrated by Chef Arnaud Demerville


Raw Marinated Sea Scallops, Medley of Cabbage, Bottarga


Salad of Potato Preserve, Watercress Coulis, Beef Cheek Terrine with Foie Gras


Smoked Salmon from Fumaisons, Crab Taramasalata, Blinis


Pan Fried Sander Fish, Spinach, Grenaille Potatoes with its Nut-brown Butter Foam, American Sauce


Pan Fried Fillet of Veal, Roasted Salsify, Yellow Turnip, Périgeux Sauce


Like a Mont-blanc with Blackcurrant at its Heart, Madagascar Vanilla Whipped Cream, Jelly Scented with Rum


Revisited Opera Cake with Matcha Tea and Manjari 64% Chocolate, Crispy Puffed Rice


The Great Spectacular Show “Féerie” - 1/2 Bottle of Champagne - Dinner


Melon, Smoked Holstein Beef, Beetroot Micro-Leaves, Old Port Jelly
Multicolored Heirloom Tomatoes, Cream of Mozzarella di Bufala, Basil Cress, Parmesan Wafer


Fillet of Sea Bream with a Shellfish Sauce, Quinoa with Summer Vegetables, Tomato Rougail
Roasted Farm Chicken Breast, Stuffed Zucchini with Aioli Sauce, Olives Polenta


Duo of Creamy Chocolate, Caramelized Muesli, Speculoos Biscuit
Traditional Fresh Strawberry Cake with Madagascar Vanilla
Génoise Cake with Iranian Pistachio Nuts

Menu imagined and orchestrated by our Chef David Le QUELLEC


The Great Spectacular Show “Féerie” - Fruit Juice - Dinner


Rosette of Heirloom Tomato, Pistou with Basil


Breast of Chicken, Sautéed Grenaille Potatoes, Chicken Jus


Custard of 64% Peru Chocolate, Brioche Stick with Raspberry

Menu and Price valid for children from 6 to 11 included

Menu created and orchestrated by our Chef David Le QUELLEC


Valid from January,4 to March,21 2023

imagined and orchestrated by Chef Arnaud Demerville


Mini Ham and Boursin Cheese Wrap


Breast of Chicken Roasted, Sautéed Grenaille Potatoes, Chicken Jus


Brownie with a Vanilla Whipped Cream



The Great Spectacular Show “Féerie” - 1/2 Bottle of Champagne - Dinner


Valid from January,4 to March,21 2023

imagined and orchestrated by Chef Arnaud Demerville


Red Cabbage and Carrot Coleslaw with Mustard, Granny Smith Apple, Roasted Cashew Nut


Lightly Vinegared Japanese Rice, Maki Style, Cucumber and Radish, Nori Seaweed and Tofu


Farfalle Pasta, Raw and Cooked Seasonal Vegetables with Satay
Hazelnut Milk and Carrot Sauce, Arugula Salad


Papillote of Mixed Vegetables and Basmati Rice in a Green Curry Sauce,
Chickpeas, Pickled Red Onions, Fresh Coriander


Papillote of Roasted Fruits, Coconut Sherbet

Program and cast

Photo gallery
Bertrand Royer
© Bertrand Royer
Bertrand Royer
© Bertrand Royer
Olga Khokhlova
© Bertrand Royer
Le Moulin Rouge
© Bertrand Royer

Moulin Rouge

Cabaret Theatre Moulin Rouge

A venue with 800 seats decorated in the Belle Epoque style opens its doors to you so you can experience an unforgettable evening, enjoy a dinner in the best French gastronomic tradition, and discover the spectacular ‘Feerie’ show.
Admire the authentic frescos and Morris columns with their original posters of the artists who have performed on the stage of this legendary cabaret: Edith Piaf, Jean Gabin, Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli, etc. On the tables are the emblematic small red lamps, like fireflies, which give the warm atmosphere so typical of the most famous cabaret in the world. All your senses are awakened: it is a feast for the eyes, a banquet so replete you will never have your fill!

Total Surface Area

Main theatre : 1000 m2
Toulouse-Lautrec lounge : 150 m2

Accomodation Capacity

800 people for lunch, dinner and for the show
Access for handicapped people

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