Great Concert of Traditional Christmas Carols - Saint-Eustache Church

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December 2020

Dynamic and eclectic, the Hélios orchestra has been a major force since its creation in 2014.

Its artistic director, Paul Savalle, promotes the professional integration of young musicians through orchestral practice. Thus, young graduates mingle with experienced orchestral musicians, conductors and soloists in optimal working conditions.

From baroque to contemporary music, the programmes are varied, the repertoire is both symphonic and choral, with the orchestra joining forces with departmental and regional choirs.

Thanks to the collaboration with different conductors, the musicians approach a very rich repertoire by widening their range of interpretation. They all come from the great French conservatories, some of them belonging to a national orchestra.

From the string quartet to the symphony orchestra, via the brass ensemble, the orchestra always widens its audience by modulating its composition. The string ensemble performs in the most prestigious churches in Paris, allowing the public to discover a very rich architectural heritage.

Its variable-geometry formation allows the Hélios Orchestra to approach a very wide repertoire with passionate curiosity.

Program and cast

Orchestra: Hélios

Choir: Tempestuoso

Direction: Jean-Charles Dunand

Great Christmas Concert at Saint-Sulpice

Traditional Songs

Soloists, Choirs, Symphony Orchestra and Public Participation

Arrangement Nicolas Crivelli

"We Wish you a Merry Christmas", "My beautiful fir tree, king of the forests"...

"Il est né le divin enfant" (French), "Les anges dansnos campagnes" (French)

"Te Deum" by Charpentier, "La Marche des Rois" by Bizet, "Joy to the World" by Haendel, "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" by Mendelsshon, "Jing Bells" by James Pierpont, "Minuit Chrétien" by Adolphe Adam, "And the Glory of the Lord" by Messiede Handel, Franz Gruber's "Douce Nuit", Henri Martinet's "Petit Papa Noël", Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria", François Gevaert's "Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris", Mozart's "Ave Verum", Handel's "Hallelujah".

Church of St. Eustatius

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